Seamless textile wall decoration

Kanvazz Innovation Award Winner

Kanvazz is not just any wall decoration, but an exclusive jacquard-woven extremely strong textile wall covering with a refined structure. A product that radiates warmth and cosiness.

It is 100% shrink-proof and stable. The specific back coating allows minor corrections to be made during installation, while afterwards it does not fade and is UV-resistant. Thanks to a specific weaving technique, it is soundproof but also scratch- and impact-resistant. The Teflon finish guarantees a water-repellent effect, which allows for easy cleaning.

In short, it is an interior eye-catcher that brings a lot of advantages and benefits to the table.

Collection rejuvenation

In the past 2 years, a lot of efforts were made to continue the handwriting of Kanvazz, both with digital printed motifs and jacquard woven structures. We are currently in the midst of launching a new collection of textile wall decoration The key word is rejuvenation.  Special attention goes to wall textiles with fun motifs and color schemes that fit into a fresh and modern interior.

Pure Belgian, made by SLOTS PURETextiles

Kanvazz is the brand name. This seamless, woven textile wall covering is produced by SLOTS PURETextiles, a Belgian weaving company specializing in hotel linen.

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