Canvas? Kanvazz!

Never just say “canvas” to Kanvazz. There is a good reason for the unusual spelling. The seamless woven wallcovering literally and figuratively stands out from the crowd. It is an interior eye-catcher that can bring many advantages and benefits to the table.

It ís related to canvas, but this high-quality textile wall decoration proudly – and with good reason – bears a different name. Kanvazz!

Why Kanvazz is not just any canvas

Kanvazz is a brand name. The seamless, woven wall decoration and wall coverings are produced by SLOTS PURETextiles, a Belgian weaving mill specialized in hotel linen.

Kanvazz, a fantastic alternative to paint or wallpaper, has been part of the SLOTS PURETextiles portfolio since 2019.

SLOTS PURETextiles: high-quality fabrics, wall decoration and wallcovering in textile.

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