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Our samples

The best way to experience the look & feel of Kanvazz is… to see and feel it. It sounds logical, but Kanvazz samples do indeed speak louder than words. After a simple request, we will send them to you free of charge in standard A4 format.

We are also happy to provide the necessary sample books and ring binders.

  • Catalogs are issued per collection and are the perfect presentation and promotional material in a showroom or on the move.
  • In our ring binders you will find a more complete collection of samples from several collections.


Kanvazz wall as an example

SLOTS PURETextiles provides the option of setting up a decorative Kanvazz wall in your showroom. We consider it an honor to dress up a model room in a project. In addition to a vote of confidence, it is an excellent opportunity to showcase Kanvazz ‘in real life’.  A well-executed example contributes to Kanvazz’s sales success. Contact us for more information. You can of course count on a fast delivery, with no minimum order quantity.

We consider it an honour to furnish a model room for a project. Besides being a token of trust, it is also an excellent opportunity to showcase Kanvazz ‘in real life’. You can count on fast delivery without a minimum and with a nice discount.