Meet Rainforest, the first multicolor Kanvazz collection

17 September 2021

Kanvazz is a brand name of seamless, woven wall decoration and wallcovering. This fantastic alternative to paint or wallpaper has been part of the SLOTS PURETextiles portfolio since 2019, and is now for the first time also getting a unique digital collection.

With a name like Rainforest, it is obvious that a fourfold rainforest motif plays the leading role. Each of the four designs is released in three color styles, making the combination possibilities almost endless. The horizontal attachment – ​​characteristic of the Kanvazz concept – always guarantees a perfect end result.

“Kanvazz is a top product with many assets and a wonderful end effect.
This new Rainforest collection introduces an extra dimension to that.”

Rainforest: jungle, ficus, orchid and rainfall

It is a proud manager, Johan Slots, who admires the new Rainforest collection. “We approached an Italian agency for the styling. They returned with the four main designs: jungle, ficus, orchid and rainfall. We are using a digital multicolor design for the first time in our Rainforest collection and the combination with Kanvazz as a technical concept produces fantastic results.”

Kanvazz has been in existence since 2019 as SLOTS PURETextiles’ own product, and the West Flemish weaving mill has thus tapped into a new market: that of easily installable, high-quality, seamlessly woven, decorative wall textiles. “It is a top product, without a doubt, with many assets and a wonderful end effect. This new collection adds an extra dimension on top of that.”

Wandbehang in textiel Rainforest collectie Wandbehang in textiel Rainforest collectie Jungle Wandbehang in textiel Rainforest collectie orchidee Wandbehang in textiel Rainforest collectie rainfall