Maintenance tips

Your Kanvazz wallcovering is maintenance friendly. You will notice that Kanvazz puts the emphasis on quality and easy care. The yarns we’ve selected provide the greatest possible advantages with regard to care and maintenance; furthermore you will enjoy your wallcovering longer thanks to the water repellent treatment. This treatment increases the product’s impermeability to dirt and damp; any stains, which would possibly occur, can be removed effectively.

REMARK: the below information is only indicative and does not provide any guarantee. The manufacturer can not be held responsible for not achieving the perfect result. Always start with a small trial in a ‘hidden place’.


  • Treat stains as soon as possible, never let them age or penetrate.
  • Rinse with cold pure water after the treatment (not for dry soiling).
  • Dry the spot with a hairdryer after rinsing. This prohibits the water to penetrate the wallcovering.
  • Some stains have a persistent cause, such as cracks in the wall, moisture seeping in, etc. You would do well to eliminate such causes.
  • Hard rubbing should be avoided in order not to damage the fibers
  • Vacuum-clean the wallcovering once or twice a year for a longer lifetime!


Following products are recommended for stain removal.
Always read the instructions carefully before you start!

  • Gomnet: available from your Kanvazz dealer:
    This is a cloth which is highly suitable for the removal of dry stains
  • Textile stain removers:
    For both normal and stubborn stains (ballpoint pen, felt pen, marker), you sometimes need to sprinkle or dab the stain with an absorbent towel.
  • Stain solvents:
    Products with which heavily soiled laundry is treated before the main wash.
  • Biological washpowders:
    For ordinary stains and grease stains: luke-warm water (30°C/86°F) with a biologically active detergent (5 gr/l)

Several other chemical products can be used to remove specific stains; ask your specialist store or contact Slots PURETextiles at for more details.