Kanvazz Experience center

Kanvazz wall art requires correct placement to show its full effect. An experienced, practice-oriented teacher is available in our training center to go over every step with you. A high-quality and, above all, efficient placement is central during the training.

Kanvazz is a horizontal wall-to-wall wallpaper.

Tips & tricks are included and a perfect end result leads to satisfied customers.

The Kanvazz training practical

 The Kanvazz courses take place in small groups. Applications can be made using the form below or by sending an e-mail to kanvazz@slots.be. After the training you can have a nice chat in our bar.

    Suggest two dates that suit you

    Do you not want a complete training and are you looking for extra Kanvazz info or an answer to a practical question? Contact us, by email: Kanvazz@slots.be, phone: +32 56 77 48 50 or through your local agent.