Slots established as a damask weaving mill and has since then guaranteed the production of sustainable and high-quality table linen.


In addition to table linen, Slots also starts supplying bed and bath linen for hotels and B&B's. This broadening of the offer gives our company a new advantage in the cooperation with customers in the hotel and restaurant sector.


Slots continues to ensure innovation! We expand our product portfolio with a new luxurious range of beds and mattresses for family hotels and B&B's. Here the emphasis is placed on sleeping comfort. A concern that is still a top priority for our company today.


The biggest and most important innovation is the investment in additional weaving machines with an eye for sustainability and ecology. This investment is accompanied by the launch of a very focused collection of mattress ticking that will be further developed in close cooperation with the customer. With this new phase, Slots’ focus is on sustainable and high-quality production of non-synthetic fabrics, such as viscose, cotton, flax and wool.